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Brian Posehn's new hour-long stand up special!
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The Fartist was recorded Summer of 2012 at the beautiful Neptune Theater in Seattle, WA. Seattle has always been one of my favorite places to perform, consistently amazing crowds and it’s a great city to be “stuck in” for several days. I could think of a lot worse. Dayton, I’m not even looking at you. You’re so sensitive. Mike Drucker crushed for twenty plus minutes and then I went on. Thanks for being hard to follow on my own show, prick, I’ll show you. In two years you’ll be headlining your own shows and right around then… I might just decide I don’t want you working for me any more. Ha…. Take that, jerk.  Eat it… Ha ha! I win!!

This is my first hour-long special and I’m pretty proud of it. Yes, I’m proud of all the fart jokes. My next album will be super political, I promise… ‘Cause shit is fucked up now, man, and I know just how to fix it. By complaining. I am out currently on the road all the fucking time working on new material for the next record. Just queefs and beefs next record, I’m thinking I already have a name for it. Strictly Queefs and Beefs…

Calling this “special,” The Fartist was the result of a dumb-off between my Manager/Best Man, Dave Rath and myself. When we had to come up with a name we both agreed that the most stupid thing we could think of at the time was the way to go. We tried a couple of fart puns, I already call myself a fartist on stage. Then we thought of that movie we never saw, I forget what it’s called… rhymes with Fartist, never mind. A week or two after an embarrassing photo shoot came the cover. As dumb as I had hoped.

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Occasionally I get a bug up my ass or a 140 lettered joke about a bug up my ass, so follow @thebrianposehn on Twitter. I also plug a lot of dates there.  So if you like plugs and fart jokes, you’re welcome.

From my Nerd Cave,
Brian Posehn

  • 01. For My Wife
  • 02. Strippers and Stripping
  • 03. The Tale of a Stripper
  • 04. Quitting Weed
  • 05. The Scariest Pot Story Ever Told
  • 06. Do Not Punch My Baby
  • 07. Um... My Farts
  • 08. My Fart Meets Someone Famous
  • 09. Getting Old
  • 10. The Acopapypse
  • 11. Weird Al
  • 12. Taking Care of Business
  • 13. Getting Back on the Horse
  • 14. Dirty Jokes
  • 15. Star Wars Part 3 (Yes, I'm Still Mad About Star Wars)